From an idea to in-store!


To use the latest innovations in the food industry to bring people loving food to food loving people! People-loving is food that is nourishing, natural and healthy. It is our mission to uplift society through making this type of food available, accessible and especially tasty!


After discussing the rapidly changing food industry and a global move towards plant based products, our team got together and discussed how we could bring a product to the market that would satisfy the needs of the vegan community in South Africa today.

An international chef from the Mediterranean Region was the solution to our goal. Coming out of hotel school many years ago, Oren came up with the perfect recipe for falafel. A popular Middle Eastern and Mediterranean delight. Oren spent many months coming up with the perfect recipe and after many variations he came up with the perfect taste.

Plant Based Innovation (aka Falafel King) was born! We have now opened up our kitchen in Linksfield, Johannesburg. Machinery was imported and we have started producing the most delicious vegan product.